Black Birds Of Brittany released on 7" vinyl for Record Store Day 16

16 April 2016

One of Bert's most obscure tracks from 1979 made available again with previously unreleased 'Cuckoo' by Earth Recordings as an exclusive 7" for RSD16.

Black Birds Of Brittany was originally part of a split single with Shirley Collins in 1979 and is now backed by the previously unreleased 'Cuckoo'. It was recorded about the same time as Bert's paean to ornithology, Avocet.

This limited edition 7" is a perfect companion to that beautifully orchestral, experimental album, which was recently remastered and reissued by Earth Recordings to great acclaim, and also features sleeve artwork by UK illustrator Hannah Alice.

Re-issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2016, Black Birds Of Brittany is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Ask for it at your nearest independent record shop.