Final three Transatlantic remastered albums released

15 April 2016

Bert's remaining Transatlantic solo albums, Nicola, Birthday Blues and Rosemary Lane, are now available on CD with new sleeve notes, vinyl and download.

Recorded early in 1967, Nicola was the last of Jansch’s solo albums before Pentangle would take precedence over his solo career. Already the poster boy of the newly-hip folk scene, Nicola was an attempt to broaden Jansch’s musical palette in a more commercial way. The album was partly recorded at Sound Techniques Studio by John Wood, who would later engineer Nick Drake's recordings there.

Birthday Blues was produced by Shel Talmy who had, by then, already produced the first two Pentangle albums. The forgotten throwaway of 1969 now stands as an understated portrait of an artist at the height of his powers, anxious simultaneously to disguise his identity and yet bare his soul.

Many now consider Rosemary Lane to be the best album Bert Jansch ever made. Significantly, Jansch had reunited with Bill Leader, the man who had so sympathetically produced his first three albums. Rosemary Lane was recorded over several months at Jansch's (and new wife Heather's) rural East Sussex home in Ticehurst.

These divergent yet complementary albums present the many facets of Bert's talent all of which attest to the beauty, charm, artistry and innovation of his work. Each album has also been remastered from the original tapes with the same care and attention that has met with such universal praise for Sanctuary's earlier Transatlantic reissues.