Box of Love: The Bert Jansch Sampler Vol. 2

Compilation • January 1972
Record cover


Colin Harper's writings on Box of Love, from his book Dazzling Stranger:

The second Bert Jansch UK compilation and the first of many to be compiled without Bert's input or knowledge.

On this occasion, he had just left Transatlantic for Reprise and Nat Joseph tempted the die-hards with two previously unreleased tracks: 'In This Game' and 'Dissatisfied Blues' (guitar/vocal leftovers from Nicola).

Track list

  1. Oh How Your Love Is Strong
  2. In This Game
  3. The Gardener
  4. Soho
  5. I Am Lonely
  6. Peregrinations
  7. Casbah
  8. Dissatisfied Blues
  9. As the Day Grows Longer Now
  10. Box of Love
  11. Birthday Blues
  12. Nobody's Bar


January 1972
Transatlantic – TRA SAM 27