Live at the 12 Bar - remastered

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Originally available at his shows as a limited edition release, Live at the 12 Bar was recorded in 1995 at the legendary London music venue and is a fitting tribute not only to Bert's virtuosity but to the renowned hub that supported folk music and other genres. The set brings together songs from When The Circus Comes To Town, that was released in the same year, along with the haunting reworking of 'Blues Run The Game' (written by Earth's own Jackson C. Frank) and traditional folk songs 'Curragh Of Kildare' and 'Lily Of The West' which were staples in Jansch's repertoire.

Bert's meticulous performance captures an intimate gig that's rich and brought to life by his spellbinding ability to hold a room. The warmth and silence from fans reminds us of what it was like to attend his shows and the true legend that we have lost.

Two decades after its first release, Live At The 12 Bar is re-issued for the first time. This exceptional record is the first release on Earth Recordings and comes as part of our new extensive reissue series of the Bert Jansch catalogue.

Track list

  1. Summer Heat
  2. Curragh of Kildare
  3. Walk Quietly By
  4. Come Back Baby
  5. Blackwaterside
  6. Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning
  7. Morning Brings Peace of Mind
  8. The Lily of the West
  9. Kingfisher
  10. Trouble in Mind
  11. Just a Dream
  12. Blues Run the Game
  13. Let Me Sing
  14. Strolling Down the Highway
  15. A Woman Like You
  16. Bett's Dance


March 2015
Earth Recordings: EARTHLP004 / EARTHCD004