• Bert Transcribed: The Bert Jansch Songbook Volume 2

    2023 • Bert Jansch Foundation

    The eagerly awaited Bert Transcribed: The Bert Jansch Songbook Volume 2 has been released on 25 August 2023 by distinguished music publishers, Hal Leonard. This follows the first volume of the Bert Jansch Songbook published in 2017, which was hailed as “a spectacularly well-thought-out, information-packed and useful publication.”

    Volume 2 features a further 30 songs from the full breadth of Bert's canon, each meticulously transcribed and annotated by the Bert Jansch Foundation's team of Jansch experts, who were able to reference some recently discovered examples of Bert’s own tentative transcription work from the 1980s. Therefore this songbook presents the most definitive transcriptions of Bert’s music that have ever been published.

    Detailing every aspect of Bert’s ground-breaking style and technique, the songbook includes guitar tab, standard notation, chord symbols, guitar chord boxes, melody line and complete lyrics. Jon Riley, head of the team, has again compiled expansive explanatory notes on the elements of Bert’s style and the background to the songs, including guidance on their complexity and tips for players on each song.

    Both volumes of #BertTranscribed are exclusively published by Hal Leonard and available to purchase at Music Room.

  • Bert Transcribed

    2017 • Bert Jansch Foundation

    In 2015, the Bert Jansch Foundation convened the Bert Transcribed group, a number of accomplished and talented guitarists from around the world. The group included professionals who knew and worked with Bert in the 1960s and ’70s, compilers of previous books and internet tabs, and also skilled enthusiasts who had contacted the Foundation about their own transcriptions.

    Between them, they transcribed, reviewed and verified over 100 of Bert’s pieces. They have revisited and compared their own and each other’s work, sharing their insights and skills. The result is Bert Transcribed: The Bert Jansch Songbook, a compilation of 24 of Bert Jansch's songs, transcribed in excellent detail.

    This first volume of the songbook includes:

    • Guitar tab, standard notation, chord symbols, guitar chord boxes, melody line and complete lyrics for 24 songs spanning his entire career
    • Extensive background notes and performance analysis for every song
    • A comprehensive introduction giving insight into Jansch’s unique sound
    • Album-by-album discography
    • Exclusive colour section with new photography showing Bert’s guitars
  • Dazzling Stranger

    2006 • Colin Harper

    Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British Folk and Blues Revival can be seen as perhaps the most complete narrative of Bert Jansch's life, through from his early days as a teenager living in Edinburgh to the resparking of his musical career in the mid-late 1990s.

    Whilst Bert Jansch is clearly Dazzling Stranger's focal point, author Colin Harper also excels in establishing the environment in which Jansch's talent flourished, taking time to cover the musicians, artists and locales that made up the energetic folk scene of the 1960s.


  • The Guitar Artistry of Bert Jansch Conundrum

    2011 • Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop • Buy

    The Guitar Artistry of Bert Jansch Conundrum, released by Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop, features a medley of Bert Jansch film media from the early-mid 1980s, during his collaboration with Martin Jenkins and Nigel Portman-Smith as Bert Jansch Conundrum.

    Concerts in Athens, Ohio, and Stockholm in Sweden take centre stage, alongside a 1985 documentary made with Bert including interviews, rehearsals and solo concert performances.

  • Dreamweaver

    2000 • Matthew Quinn

    Coming after Bert Jansch's comeback in the mid 90s, Dreamweaver became the second Jansch-centred documentary made within 10 years. It took a different direction to 1992's Acoustic Routes by focussing more on the influence Bert's music has had on artists outside of the folk scene.

    The film, first aired on UK's Channel 4 in June 2000, features interviews with old hands of the folk scene (Len Partridge, Owen Hand) and a number from the rock and pop world (Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler, Marianne Faithfull), punctuated with interviews and performances from the man himself.

  • Acoustic Routes

    1992 • Jan Leman

    Acoustic Routes, first aired in 1992, can be considered one of the first documentaries to delve into the 1960s UK folk scene. Bert Jansch acts as the focal point of the film, which includes interviews and performances with a number of Bert's contemporaries and heroes.

    The film is fronted by comedian Billy Connolly and reconvenes many icons of the scene, visiting some of their haunts of the '60s. Guests include Ralph McTell, Anne Briggs, Wizz Jones, Jacqui McShee, and blues legend Brownie McGhee, all of whom offer up captivating performances for the camera.

    To mark its 20th anniversary, Acoustic Routes was re-cut and remastered for release on DVD. This boxset edition, released in 2013, also features a 2-CD soundtrack album of music from the film, alongside other bonus video content.